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Rapper Jay-Z was on Saturday night inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame by former president Barack Obama and controversial comedian Dave Chapelle during a ceremony in Cleveland.The induction marks Jay-Z‘s massive contribution to the rap and hip hop industry for over two decades.The highlight of his induction ceremony was his introduction video with kind compliments from his wife Beyoncé, who was introduced with a lyric from one of his songs, “what’s better than one billionaire? Two”, his daughter Blue Ivy, Chris Rock, Diddy, Samuel L. Jackson, LeBron James, and others.Former President Obama also introduced the new inductee with a pre-recorded message.
“I’ve turned to Jay-Z’s words at different points in my life, whether I was brushing dirt off my shoulder on the campaign trail, or sampling his lyrics on the Edmund Petty’s Bridge on the 50th anniversary of the Selma march to Montgomery,” the 60-year-old said.

Dave Chappelle also took the stage to share a few words, “I would like to apologize–I’m just f—in’ with you,” seemingly alluding to the ongoing drama surrounding his recent Netflix original, The Closer, which has drawn backlash for his supposed homophobic comments.

“It is an incredible honor to induct this next man into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. But I need everybody in rock’n’roll to know, that even though you are honoring him, he is ours. He is hip-hop. For ever and ever, and a day,” he told the audience before going on to talk about the obvious impact that Jay-Z and others in his league have had on the culture.

Drake reflects on his journey from a time in his career he spent $5,000 to rent a Rolls-Royce just to keep up appearances.The 6 God shared a sentimental moment about a time in his past when he was manifesting the success he currently has. Drake celebrated his 35th birthday over the weekend and has shared snippets of the weekend, including his birthday party and his gifts.

However, one gift has particular significance for the Toronto rapper who shared that he was now the owner of a Rolls-Royce Phantom gifted to him by his close friend Future the Prince. It wasn’t just any Rolls-Royce; it was one Drake used to rent back in the day to, as he says, “keep up appearances.”The rapper says owning the car is the realization of the success he has been manifesting since then.“Back in 2007 we used to finesse this Rolls-Royce Phantom rental to convince people in the city we were destined to make it,” Drake wrote in an Instagram post of the car alongside some archival footage of him in the car itself. “I used to scrape together 5k a month somehow to keep up appearances. We whipped this to Ottawa to see [Belly] and [Cash] and to Montreal for my first show ever. I used to pick up [Niko] and roll every day or wait outside [Nebby’s] class for her. Park outside 15 Fort York while me and [40] and [Oliver El-Khatib] would be upstairs cooking what would eventually become ‘So Far Gone’.”

Dennis Thomas-Kool one of the founding members of Kool & The Gang.
Dennis Thomas was one of the founding members of Kool & the Gang, the quintessential R&B music outfit of the Seventies and Eighties, responsible for such hugely memorable and successful tracks as “Celebration”, “Get Down On It”, “Jungle Boogie” and “Ladies’ Night”.“DT” Thomas, who has died aged 70, was the band’s MC, its percussionist, flautist and alto-sax player.

Tems Gets Four Nominations
Grammy-winning singer, Wizkid, alongside his Essence collaborator, Tems, have both clinched nominations for the 2021 edition of the Soul Train Awards. While Wizkid bagged six different nominations for Song of The Year, Video of The Year, The Ashford and Simpson songwriter’s award , as well as Best Collaboration for the smash hit, Essence, Tems clinched five nods for the same categories including a separate category for Best New Artiste.

paid tribute to Toni Braxton with a Halloween costume that quickly received the R&B icon’s stamp of approval.
The “Drunk in Love” singer recreated the cover of Braxton’s 1993 single “Another Sad Love Song”, posing in a white tank top with a black leather jacket slipping off her shoulders, just as Braxton did 25 years ago.
Beyoncé wore her hair in a short pixie cut that mirrors the singer’s ‘do back when the single was first released. She even gave herself a new moniker for the occasion, making her debut as “Phoni Braxton”.